Expert’s sharing: Solutions for a happy life- healthy life for the elderly

Vietnam population is aging fast. People aged 60 and over account for 11.9% of the total population in 2019 and by 2050, this number will increase more than 25%. By 2036, Vietnam will enter a period of aging population, transitioning from an “aging” society to an “old” society(1).

The law of BIRTH – AGING – ILLNESS – DEATH is an inevitable part of human life that everyone has to go through. When it comes to the “senile” stage, the elderly have a marked decline in health and accompanied by many chronic diseases. Therefore, the biggest & greatest desire of the elderly themselves, their families and relatives is the solutions for the elderly to live happily – live healthily?

Let’s listen to the sharing of Assoc. Prof – Dr. Nguyen Thi Bay – Chairman of Ho Chi Minh City Union of Oriental and Western Medicine Association about this issue:

1/ How does the law of BIRTH – AGING – ILLNESS – DEATH affect the elderly?

According to Dr. Bay, the law of birth – aging – illness – death does not spare anyone, everyone must overcome. Health of each person at each age will have certain changes. That change is a normal, natural process called aging. The body’s endocrine system from the age of 30 onwards, each year, a certain amount of hormones decreases, affecting the skin, hair and other functional organs. Sequentially, each part of the body gradually degrades and when over 60 years old, it is called aging.

How does the aging process affect the physical and mental health of the elderly?

Dr Bay said that the elderly will face problems related to aging such as forgetting, confusion, confusing one problem with another, decreased concentration, unreasonable anger, scowling, frustration. The elderly themselves find walking weak, painful joints. There is also a feeling of dizziness, lightheadedness, headache, heaviness and inability to sleep.

In terms of eating, the elderly may encounter damaged & broken teeth, reduced digestive enzymes, poor absorption.

In addition, the elderly can also suffer from many chronic diseases such as diabetes, blood pressure, liver failure, kidney failure, cancer… Therefore, the elderly need the caring of their families and the whole society to help them having good physical and mental health.

What should be done to achieve the goal of Healthy Living – Happy Living – improving the quality of life of the elderly?

Healthy living is defined as physical, mental and social well-being. Dr. Bay gives advice that it is necessary to help the elderly stay in a state of comfort and relaxation. The next step is to balance your lifestyle and diet.

Furthermore, it is necessary to add health-protecting foods with ingredients of vitamins C, A, E, B, D (to strengthen immunity, nourish brain blood vessels, nourish the body better) ginseng (super food in oriental medicine tonics to nourish the body, maintain muscle mass, maintain elasticity, tone blood vessels), ginkgo (improve brain, improve circulation), fruits like blueberries (neutralize free radicals – aging agents), and minerals (Mg, Zn, …)

Dr. Bay also wishes that besides the care of relatives and society, the elderly need to actively maintain their health, pay attention to their lifestyle regimen: get enough sleep, drink enough water, limit beer, alcohol, tobacco, carbonated soft drinks, increase exercise and join groups, talk with relatives and friends to relieve stress. Above all, elderly people need to have regular health check-ups to detect and intervene in health problems timely.

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